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Career Opportunities

Our career opportunities offer more than “just another job”. We provide each employee with the best career plan. From now on, use your talents to re-plan and develop your career. The company will provide you with more platforms and development space.

As a strong A1 construction team, we are committed as an organization to the highest professional standards and governance, and sustain a harmonious workplace environment. You are part of this family and we value you as part of the Chang Hua’s asset. You are instrumental in making this organization a vibrant place where we can. Your participation will promote Changhua Construction to be more dynamic, use your wisdom to meet challenges at every turning point in this industry, and push Changhua Construction to a higher level. While we continue to pursue progress, we also hope that you can improve yourself in professional knowledge, continuously expand your knowledge and skills, pursue lifelong learning, and respond to market demands and industry competition.

If you are interested to be part of us.

Please send your CV to

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