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About Us


Chang Hua's team of professionals, skilled and unskilled workers totaling more than 1000 were recruited and selected internationally by our key personnel. They are managed under our direct management team, with our structured re-training and direct assignment of work packages in Singapore, Maldives and Myanmar which had resulted to a superior labour force in project bidding.


The company's direct management team ensures a consistently high standard of workmanship and ensures timely delivery of projects. Delivering and completing the assignments within schedule had been a prime consideration and important factor by our regular clients. 


Chang Hua is able to procure, import and install a special material that meets the particular requirement of unique and special designed projects thus increasing our competitiveness in project bidding. Chang Hua aims and is well prepared to go regional and is taking an important step forward in expanding major business division to foreign countries with potential business growth opportunities such as Myanmar, China, Maldives, etc. The company seeks to consistently achieve perfect workmanship. This acts as a guarantee of our confidence which will benefit our pool of existing and potential client


To be a world-class builder, recognised through our excellent project management and team which continually exceed expectations.



To fulfil our commitment, drive innovation, create value for projects, and improve the quality of life. 




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